Oregon Voice members represent many of the most well-respected community and advocacy groups in the state. Our network is comprised of organizations both small and large, representing a range of constituencies and issue areas. Some of our members work in Oregon’s urban centers while others are headquartered in Oregon’s rural agricultural communities in the eastern part of the state. Our allies also include some of the more established political advocacy organizations and labor. This diverse body of influential leaders has already begun to challenge old assumptions of leadership and demonstrate new ways of working together to achieve ambitious shared goals.

Table Members:

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

Founded in the late 1990’s by activists from the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Lao, and Filipino communities, APANO is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to civic involvement and Pan-Asian leadership development. As a social justice issue-driven statewide organization advocating for the interests of Asians and Pacific Islanders, APANO brings together diverse communities across ethnicity, language, and age to address critical issues in Oregon.

Basic Rights Oregon Education Fund

Activists awakened by anti-GLBT campaigns formed BRO with the vision to build a movement that could defend against attacks, but would also build a pro-active movement to advocate for civil rights. Since 2000, Basic Rights Oregon has built a diverse movement made up of LGBT folks, straight-allies, rural and urban Oregonians, business leaders, clergy, elected officials, educators, parents and more as well as coalition partners in labor, healthcare, reproductive choice, civil liberties and racial justice organizations. The power of this movement has created real change in Oregon around critical civil rights issues.

Bus Project Foundation

The Bus Project Foundation is building a more active and informed citizenry by providing young people with opportunities to become active participants in civic life. The name derives from a series of volunteer Bus Trips around the state that have engaged young people in urban and rural areas around core policy issues, which they refer to as the "6 Es": election reform, equal rights, economic justice, environment, education, and 'ealth care. By engaging, educating, and empowering young people, the Bus is building a lasting community of civic volunteers and leaders.


CareOregon is committed to improving and protecting the health of communities throughout Oregon. We focus not just on health care — but on total health. Teaming with our Oregon Health Plan and Medicare members, their families and their communities, we help Oregonians live better lives, prevent illness and respond effectively to health issues. We provide plan services to five Coordinated Care Organizations and Oregon’s Health CO-OP, and offer two Medicare plans supporting and enhancing sensible, localized, coordinated care. And, by offering learning opportunities to health professionals, we help improve health delivery nationwide.


CAUSA is Oregon’s statewide, grassroots immigrant rights coalition and the largest Hispanic civil and human rights and advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest. They work to defend and advance immigrant rights through coordination with local, state, and national coalitions and allies. Through networking with immigrant, religious, labor, youth, and ally organizations, CAUSA works to create a society that recognizes the contributions of immigrants and upholds the values of equality and respect.

Center for Intercultural Organizing

The Center for Intercultural Organizing is a diverse, grassroots membership organization working to build a multi-racial, multicultural movement for immigrant and refugee rights. Over the past seven years, CIO has engaged thousands of individuals from diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, trained new immigrant and refugee community leaders, produced dozens of educational events and mobilized countless immigrant and refugee community members to participate in civic life.

Common Cause Oregon

Common Cause is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization founded as a vehicle for citizens to make their voices heard in the political process and to hold their elected leaders accountable to the public interest. The Common Cause Oregon state organization works on a range of issues including voter access, campaign finance reform, governmental ethics and media reform.

Health Care for All Oregon

HCAO recognizes health care to be a human right. They are working to create a health care system based on the principles of Universality, Equity, Accountability, Transparency Participation, and health care as a Public Good.

Latino Network

Latino Network provides opportunities, services and advocacy for the education, leadership development and civic engagement of Latino youth and families in Multnomah County. Their work springs from the core belief in Latino community self-determination—that is, the ability of community members to participate meaningfully in the decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families.

League of Women Voters of Portland

The League of Women Voters of Portland is a nonpartisan political organization that promotes informed and active participation in government. Formed from the movement that secured the right to vote for women, the centerpiece of the League’s efforts remain to expand participation and give a voice to all Americans. They do this at all three levels of government, engaging in both broad educational efforts as well as advocacy.

Native American Youth & Family Center

The Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland works to enrich the lives of Native youth and families through education, community involvement, and culturally specific programming. They have provided educational services, cultural arts programming, and direct support to reduce poverty to the Portland metropolitan area's American Indian and Alaska Native community for over 30 years.

Neighborhood Partnerships

Neighborhood Partnerships is a coalition of homeless and housing advocates and service providers that create opportunity for low income people where they live – in their neighborhoods both urban and rural. Neighborhood Partnerships’ programs and initiatives are designed to help achieve three goals: building thriving communities, ending homelessness and supporting successful residents, and creating economic stability. Each year, they have impact on the lives of thousands of Oregonians through high profile collaborations and initiatives and through nurturing leaders.

Oregon Action/Fair Share Research & Education Fund

Oregon Action organizes people from disenfranchised communities to build power and effect real change. They develop leaders from communities who are traditionally left out of the decision-making process--low-income, women, youth, people of color, immigrants, and those with felony backgrounds--building their skills to take direct action to improve their communities. They organize people to work together and win progressive change, and to hold their leaders accountable.

Oregon Center for Public Policy

The Oregon Center for Public Policy is an economic research organization that conducts in-depth research and analysis on budget, tax, and economic issues. Its goal is to improve decision-making and generate more opportunities for all Oregonians.

Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health

The Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health is dedicated to improving access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including preventing unintended pregnancy, planning healthy families, and preventing sexually transmitted infections. They are committed to advancing reproductive rights and promoting reproductive health equity in all Oregon communities.

Oregon Rural Action

Oregon Rural Action is a community organization working to promote social justice, agricultural and economic sustainability, and stewardship of the region's land, air and water. They bring people together to build strong communities by providing information and tools for local people to use in addressing the issues affecting our communities.

Oregon Student Foundation

The Oregon Student Foundation, a statewide advocacy and organizing non-profit, was established in 1975 to represent, serve, and protect the collective interests of students in postsecondary education in Oregon. OSF has focused on issues such as tuition, financial aid, recruitment and retention of students underrepresented on campus, and student rights. A cornerstone of the organization’s work includes educating students, other members of campuses, and the greater community on issues relevant to postsecondary education, developing and training student leaders, and organizing students around student issues.

Oregon Tradeswomen Inc

Oregon Tradeswomen promotes success for women in the trades through education, leadership and mentorship. They offer classes to help women enter trades careers, trades career fairs to help women discover possibilities in the trades, offer skill and apprenticeship programs for girls, and give tradeswomen the tools they need to advocate for women's equal representation in the trades.

Partnership for Safety and Justice

Partnership for Safety and Justice (PSJ) is a multi-faceted, statewide advocacy organization working to shift Oregon towards more effective, prevention-based approaches for creating community safety. PSJ has developed a pioneering model that brings together all of those most directly affected by crime, violence and the criminal justice system (survivors of crime, people convicted of crime, and the families of both) to advocate for a system that is just and that more effectively builds safer, healthier communities.

Rural Organizing Project

ROP is a statewide organization of locally-based groups that work to create communities accountable to a standard of human dignity: the belief in the equal worth of all people, the need for equal access to justice, and the right to self-determination. Their mission is to strengthen the skills, resources, and vision of primary leadership in local autonomous human dignity groups with a goal of keeping such groups a vibrant source for a just democracy.

Urban League of Portland

The Urban League of Portland is a nonprofit, community-based organization headquartered in north Portland and an affiliate of the National Urban League. The League helps empower African Americans and others to achieve equality in education, employment and economic security through a combination of direct services, outreach and advocacy.

Western States Center

Western States Center is a regional social justice organization building a progressive movement for social, economic, racial and environmental justice in eight Western states. The Center develops individual leadership, strengthens the capacity of organizations and communities, and serves as a catalyst to bring together individuals, organizations, and communities to build a strong movement.



Invest in Oregon

Invest In Oregon helps communicate the broader benefit that comes through targeted public investments in health through family supports, stable housing and accessible health care by: engaging new voices in the conversation; talking to the public about the connection between stable families, healthy kids and strong economies; and supporting investments that fit the needs of Oregon’s diverse communities.

Oregon AFL-CIO

Oregon AFL-CIO is Oregon's chapter of the national American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations. The AFL-CIO works every day to improve the lives of people who work. 

Our Oregon

Our Oregon is a C4 advocacy organization that promotes its mission of economic and tax fairness through education of Oregonians and through grassroots and direct lobbying in ballot measure campaigns and in Salem. Our Oregon coordinates a statewide coalition of organizations that represent workers, educators, businesspeople, and advocates who care about the quality of life in our state. Our Oregon immerses itself in ballot measure campaigns and related voter education and registration efforts to advance its mission.

Planned Parenthood Advociates of Oregon

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon is the statewide political voice for Planned Parenthood’s two affiliates in Oregon and for women’s health care. PPAO defends the Planned Parenthood mission by advocating for public policy that will enhance and protect women’s health; by building support and accountability among our elected officials in Oregon; and by engaging and motivating the public. PPAO is not affiliated with any political party, but is instead organized to support those state and local candidates who have taken responsible positions on women’s health care, including birth control and abortion.


Working America - Oregon

Working America is a project of the Oregon AFL-CIO. Since 2003, Working America has been organizing in neighborhoods across the country to talk with friends and neighbors to learn their needs and priorities and get them engaged on the issues that matter most. And Working America provides tools, research, information and assistance that can help make working people’s lives better.